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WizFolio to be succeeded by EEWOWW, bringing you the brand new experience of authoring.
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  • good things just got better

    WizFolio is an online research collaboration tool for knowledge discovery. With WizFolio you can easily manage and share all types of information in a citation ready format including research papers, patents, documents, books, YouTube videos, web snippets and a lot more. Take a tour
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  • My WizFolio

    My WizFolio is your own space on the cloud where you manage all your research and private information in a familiar interface similar to Windows Explorer or iTunes. The "desktop like" environment allows for drag-n-drop, right-click and many convenient one-click functionalities. You can organize your information by folders, tags, flags or filters.
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  • My profile page

    This publicly accessible page displays your name and research interests together with a list of your publications and your publicly shared collections of references. Changes to the My Publications folder in your WizFolio are immediately reflected on your profile page. Learn more
  • Publicly shared collections

    You can now share your list of compiled references with the public on your Profile page. Other users can subscribe to your publicly shared collections and publications. They will be notified of new items in your collections. By sharing the list of compiled references, you can enhance your reputation as an expert in your chosen field. Learn more
  • Search

    The fast and convenient WizFolio Search page is optimised for scholarly publications. WizFolio Search returns results from WizFolio's Publicly shared collections, PubMed, Scholars Portal, CiteULike or Google Scholar. Convenient features include a one-click save to your WizFolio account and a one-click linkage to locate PDFs. Learn more
  • More ways to share

    Sharing items using Twitter and Facebook is now fast and easy. You can also email articles to colleagues and friends. You even can share without logging in to WizFolio.
  • Bibliography made simple

    Exporting a list of references from supported websites is quick and easy. A new bibliographic exporter can generate and export bibliography in RIS, BibTeX format or in any one of the major citation styles. Supported websites include WizFolio users' Profile Pages, major publisher's websites and scholarly databases. Learn more
WizFolio supports all the latest versions of Mac, Windows and Linux.
Works on all major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.
Bibliographic data directly from over 200 scientific publishers (IEEE, Springer Wiley, Nature, Science) and databases (Google Scholar, Scopus, ISI, JSTOR, Proquest, etc) using WizAdd, our Web Importer. Also automatically imports free PDFs into your online collection.
Collaborative citing across operating systems and document formats with patent pending citation technology. Plugins or desktop citation application for Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer and LibreOffice Writer in Windows and Mac.
You can search Pubmed, Google Books, YouTube, Bing, Amazon Books within WizFolio.
You can organize with Folders, Flags, Tags, and Notes enhanced with on the fly handling of duplicates.
You can batch upload your PDF's and documents and WizFolio will attempt to get the bibliographic data.
Share your collections with any number of colleagues by simple Drag-n-Drop. Publicize your research work by sharing your publications and references on your Profile page, by Email, Twitter or Facebook.
One click to locate PDF for the top open access journals and linkage to over 350 universities' library subscriptions.